Role: Creative Director

Goal: Welch Hall Renovation Fundraising Campaign: Create a fundraising packet for face-to-face meetings with prospective donors and a microsite for crowdsourcing funds.

Audience: Friends of the College.

Process: Collaborating with my client and the CNS Communications Director, I crafted content to highlight important aspects of UT’s Welch Hall, its historical value and its potential for state-of-the-art renovations. Hosting nearly 10,000 students every day, Welch Hall is the nucleus of discovery and research on campus.

Solution: A self-cover folder booklet and microsite aligned with another UT fundraising campaign. I placed heavy emphasis on state-of-the-art learning spaces and social hubs for networking, while also focusing on the science community and inclusion.

Impact: Funds were secured for the renovation via legislative support, university funds and private donors. Crowdsourcing fundraising and naming options are ongoing.

Font: Klavika by Process Type Foundry.

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