Role: Creative Director

Goal: Create shareable social media assets to support a four-week crowdsourced fundraising campaign for a falcon cam at The University of Texas at Austin. At the very least, we wanted to create a short video that brings awareness to a falcon – lovingly referred to as “Tower Girl” – that lives in the UT Tower.

Audience: UT Community, bird enthusiasts and the general public.

Process: Our group consisted of four professionals (writer, videographer, illustrator, designer) who collaborated on content ideas and final deliverables of shareable media. The first assignment was for each team member to come up with five creative project ideas that explore any angle on Tower Girl and function as a sole communication piece. Together we pitched our ideas and winnowed them down to three each. We developed our projects separately and reconvened to connect the dots. After sharing our research, creative solutions and studies, we built a video storyboard by identifying thematic similarities and weaving the disparate pieces together. We agreed on an overall thematic concept, which brought continuity to the sequence. The pieces that were were not included in the video were used as additional social media content.

Solution: In a true collaborative effort, a video based on the theme “A Star is Born” was crafted.

Impact: We reached 245% of our fundraising goal.

Personnel: Video editing and flourishes by Vivian A., script by Christine S., pull quote research and cards by Jenna L. and motion graphics by David S.

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