Role: Art Director and Designer

Goal: Create a multimedia display highlighting college endowments and honorees in the W.C. Hogg building.

Audience: College of Natural Sciences (CNS) stakeholders, donors and visitors.

Process: Since the display is part of the CNS Dean’s Office suite, I needed to create a design that reflects the college brand and conceptually relates to existing artworks within the space. While the artworks vary in subject matter, they all have a scientific theme. My source of inspiration is a sculpture inspired by statistical patterns in daily activity charts and EEG sleep data (i.e. delta waves).

Solution: To complement the hard-edge and geometric interior design of the space, I delivered a visual display incorporating sine curves that add fluidity and playfulness along the hallway. The shape of the sine curves mimic the oscillations of delta waves.

Impact: College donors and supporters deserve recognition for the far-reaching impact they make on Texas Science. Contemporary design and improved readability elevate recognition while also establishing a sense of place within the college brand.

Personnel: Interior design by Marla C. at Edwards + Mulhausen. Font: Benton Sans by Font Bureau.

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